Basement Insulation

Basement Insulation Erie PA

Most of you may opt for attic insulation, floor insulations and insulations in other places to reduce your overall energy costs. However, did you know that also have to get basement insulations done to achieve the target? Regardless of the age of your building, you should get the basement area inspected and insulated at regular intervals. All you need to do is call us to get your building inspected. Our expert team will reach your building at the earliest to get on with the process of basement insulation.

do you need to insulate your basement?

Most of our clients look at us with surprised glances when we talk to them about insulating their basement. The basement of a building is quite prone to damage from moisture, mold and mildew. These damages will affect the air temperature as well. When you insulate your basement well, you can regulate the temperature settings regardless of the season, without impacting your energy bills. When your basement is cleaned and insulated regularly, you get extra space to move some of the things there or use the area as an extra room, when you have guests over.

basement insulation erie

What do we do as part of basement insulation services?

It is only when they see a huge increase in their energy bills that our clients call us for inspecting their building and insulating it in the right places. We recommend you to reach out to us proactively, and get your inspections done on time, so that you don’t have to pay a huge price for the same. Most of the buildings that we visit have fiberglass insulation already in place in the basement area.  However, this doesn’t help in reducing the damage caused by moisture, mold, mildew and water leakage. This is why we offer you advanced yet cost-effective basement insulation options like the following:

Basement Insulation in Erie

Insulating the rim joists

From our experience, we know that the rim joist (the place where the floor frame is placed on the foundation) is prone to a lot of damage due to air leakage, moisture and other factors. We inspect these areas to check the plumbing and wiring connections so that we can seal the gaps, if any and insulate this part of the basement.

Insulating the walls of the foundation

The concrete walls of the basement are where you might already find fiberglass insulation in your homes. However, this doesn’t guarantee you any safety and savings on energy bills. This is why we provide you with rigid foam insulation services on the foundation walls. Our rigid foam insulation panels are built to last, as they aren’t damaged by water leakage. They are very stable and come with effective wiring systems and steel panels that will be attached to your wall boards.

Insulating the floors

Next, we focus on the basement floors and insulate it thoroughly so that you won’t face the problem of cold floors during winters. We use the innovative Thermal Dry Insulating Floor Decking system to protect your floors from all kinds of damage from moisture and mold.

Are you looking for a good basement insulation service provider in your area for your newly constructed or old building? Feel free to reach out to us right away.