Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation Erie PA

Being in the spray foam industry for quite a long time, we know that cellulose insulation is the method that will work the best for your commercial or residential property. Our team will inspect your home and will make you understand the importance of cellulose insulation in your building. We will also introduce you to the different methods of cellulose and why it is beneficial for your homes. A major advantage of this type of insulation is that it can be used on new and old homes with equal ease. It is a cost-effective, high-performance and eco-friendly insulation technique that will lead to a considerable reduction in your energy bills.

Where can you use cellulose insulation?

Recycled paper and other biodegradable small materials are used as the base to form the insulation material for cellulose. Therefore, regardless of the location and size of the area, you can use cellulose with ease. Though it is ideal to use cellulose for insulating all the areas in your home, this technique is widely used in places such as attics, walls and floors. Irrespective of whether your attic area is big or small, you can use cellulose without any second thoughts.

When you use cellulose, you can be assured that the structure or the finish of your building will not be disturbed at any cost. They are the most environment-friendly insulation techniques for a reason. Since they use recycled material, they don’t emit any toxic gases into the environment. They can be used in any form – dry or wet. Hence, they can be used to insulate even the hard-to-reach areas in your homes. They are used to seal all the cracks and crevices as well, to ensure that your home is free from damage due to water, mold, dust, debris and the like.

Cellulose Insulation in Erie
Cellulose Insulation

What do we do?

We value your preferences and offer a range of flexible cellulose insulation services in Erie PA, which you can customize based on your building type.
You can choose dense pack cellulose or wet spray cellulose from our gamut of services.

Cellulose Insulation in Erie

If you require insulation at the crevices and cavities of your walls in addition to getting them sound-proofed, you can opt for our dense pack cellulose insulation services. Most of our clients opt for this type because it goes well with retrofit insulation. This kind of insulation comes loaded with thermal properties as well.

If you are looking for insulation services for your new building, we would recommend you to opt for the wet spray cellulose method. Sound-proofing, thermal insulation and application on the cavities are the common features that you will in the dense pack and wet spray cellulose insulation. The only difference is that wet spray works well for new buildings whereas dense pack insulation works well with old buildings.

Why opt for cellulose insulation

Most of the customers who reach out to us for their insulation requirements specifically ask for cellulose insulation in their homes. This is not surprising at all, because cellulose comes with a load of benefits. Made from recycled denim or paper and treated with boric acid, borax and ammonium sulfate, insulation protects your building against flames, pest and mold. It is eco-friendly and cost-effective as well.

Does your house need cellulose insulation as well? Call us right now to get it inspected.